Pin Points – Designing a lapel pin

What you absolutely need to know

Size – As a general guide, if the shape will be very full, such as a circle, square, or large rectangle, you should consider keeping the largest dimension under 7/8”.  For reference, a quarter is 15/16”.  Tape it to your shirt, blouse or jacket to get a sense of the size.  If the shape is not full, then you can get away with a larger dimension, for example a 1 ¼” x ½” rectangle.  We offer custom shapes with most of our products.

Art – Keeping the size in mind, reduce your art to a reasonable dimension before you even consider a virtual (paper proof) sample.  You are probably looking at a logo on your computer monitor, and it is 5” or more.  Everything looks great at that size.  Reducing it to 7/8” will give you reason to consider tweaking the design.  And some text may be too small.

Process – There are a number of manufacturing processes.  Your choice is primarily based upon your expectation (what types of pins you have seen and liked in the past), your budget (significant price differences) and your art.  For example, if there are halftones in your logo and you want to keep them in the pin, that portion must be offset printed.  Most of our pins offer spot color PMS matching.  You can view a description of the pin processes here –

Color –  You have the option of adding colors or just selecting a jeweler type pin with raised and recessed metal.

We can advise you throughout the project in order to assure you of a finished product that is within budget and exceeds your expectations.

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