Pin Points – Year of service and other recognition award pins


Any business can use year of service award pins.  It is a small investment in the employee base compared to many other costs.  Lapel pins are a great way for employees proudly to show their tenure.  We can provide stock year of service pins for companies that have very few employees, and we can also produce custom lapel pins with the company name very economically.

Any lapel pin manufacturing process can be used to produce these pins.  Generally speaking, companies prefer die struck with or without color or cloisonné.  Rarely (the restaurant industry is a large exception) do they want printed pins.

The year of recognition is always in the pin.  Some companies want one for each year of service, and others only offer the first year, then five year increments starting at year five.  If the design calls for the year to be raised plated metal in the pin, then they need a different die for each year.  This can become expensive for the overall order.  Large companies, such as Pizza Hut, have made dies for each year.

An alternative to dies for each year is to allow us to engrave the year into a raised metal area.  We can also color fill the engraved number.  Using this method, there is only one die for the entire pin order.  The engraving can be anywhere on the pin provided it is a raised metal area.  We can assist with the design process.

We can make any lapel pin design into a matching charm.  This allows employees the option of wearing the charm instead of using a lapel pin (with a nail and clutch on the back).

Some companies believe so strongly in the year of service award that they offer precious metal jewelry as opposed to the traditional brass metal plated gold.  Options are sterling silver, gold filled, and solid gold.  Variations of the gold include 10k or 14k.  Each option has a different price point.

They can also order gemstones for any of our lapel pins or charms.  We can provide synthetic or genuine stones, including high grade diamonds.  Some companies prefer stones to signify the year rather than the individual numbers.

Metal plating options include gold, brass, nickel, and black nickel.  Background finishes for the non color portions can be sandblast or antique.

Another consideration is the packaging.  Standard pricing for all lapel pins include military clutch and an individual polybag.  Many companies upgrade to a deluxe clutch and/or a two tone plastic box.  This allows the award winner to see the pin (or charm) in the box.  There can be accompanying romance cards explaining the award in greater detail.  There are other box options as well, including metal hinged satin lined velour boxes.  All items can come with custom imprinting.



Emblematic jewelry is a wonderful way to celebrate other measurable milestones, such as sales contests.  They can also be used for training achievements, safety awards, etc.  The specific options are the same as the year of service pins and charms.

There are two other considerations that are very popular in this category.  One is our lapel pin program, which offers many different product applications besides a pin or charm.  We can make the items with the same die, so the company benefits from combined pricing.  Alternatives include spine bookmarks, cufflinks, marble desk accessories, etc.

Something else that is very popular is puzzle sets.  The pins, which also can be product applications other than pins, such as pushpins or magnet backs, form a larger design.  The goal is for the employee to earn the entire set.  Some companies then offer easels to display the award

In the restaurant industry, employees typically wear the entire set.  Wouldn’t you rather have someone waiting on you who has earned all levels of training?

Puzzles are also appropriate for season ticket holders, bike rallies (getting one pin for each location visited), trade shows, etc.  The list can be endless.


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