Pin Points – How important is the type of clutch?

The standard clutch for the majority of lapel pins is a military aka butterfly clutch.

It is generally included in all lapel pin quotes, catalog lists, etc.  Although very functional and very common, there are alternatives.  My favorite option is the rubber clutch.  There is no charge for this clutch, and in my opinion, it is far superior to the metal military clutch.  I only use this clutch when I wear lapel pins.  The only objection from customers is that it is not metal.  Function over form.

There are additional options with higher costs.  There are a number of deluxe clutches, each of which adds perceived value along with the associated costs.  They do not hold any better than the rubber clutch.  Sure, we would love to sell more expensive accessories, however the rubber clutch does the job.  Remember, function over form.

Feel free to contact your promotional product distributor for more information.

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