Packaging, packaging, packaging

For all of your promotional product purchases, you should consider customized packaging. It can significantly enhance the value of the product. And it does not necessarily have to be expensive.

It is the sizzle to our steak.

Clearly for recognition products this is imperative. But it also is wonderful for any other product distribution.

For example, an imprinted message card can hit home. Although a one color print delivers the message, try to consider process color and full bleed. Let your vendor show you how to attach the product to the card. We have done it successfully with lapel pins, wine glass charms, bracelets, and coins, just to name a few items.


Step up to a folded card. You can get all four panels imprinted. Great for a lot of copy. You can really provide meaningful information to the recipient of the product. Tie the message into the promotion.

Then consider various boxes to hold the message and the product. There are many stock boxes that are not very expensive. Of course, you can upgrade to completely custom boxes for the right occasion.


Always think about the packaging option. Your client will be pleased with the results, and you will make more money.

3 thoughts on “Packaging, packaging, packaging

  1. Tad Lupis

    Hi Harvey, In addition to this part: “Hopefully the supplier gets it done. And then the freight carrier does not lose it, deliver it late, or otherwise mess it up. Typically the freight requirement may be overnight service. All parties need to recognize these associated costs.” Please dont forget weather delays, customs holds mechanical failures and acts of GOD.. Tad


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