PIN POINTS – Understanding the Metric system

PIN POINTS – Understanding the Metric system

It is critical that we all understand the Metric system. It is the universal system for measuring length, weight, and volume. Our only concern for our product is the dimension (or length).

We have grown accustomed to using inches (remember, these are lapel pins, coins, ornaments, etc.). Anything that is imported is generally referenced in millimeters (mm) and centimeters (cm). Oh, if only I had a dollar for each time a customer has asked me to convert mm to inches.

Our domestic educational system may have failed at bringing us into the world’s standards, but that does not mean you cannot navigate through the process.

Here are two very simple ways to do the conversion. Pay close attention to the second way!

1) Each inch has 25.4mm or 2.54cm. If you divide the mm by 25.4 or the cm by 2.54, you will get the fractional measure in inches. Conversely, you can multiply the fractional inches by 25.4 to get millimeters or by 2.54 to get centimeters.
2) Here is a simple webpage that can do many on line calculations for you – The third chart covers length. You can find others, but this works well.

Good luck.

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