Pin Points – Collaborative Effort

Quite often we are asked to design a lapel pin, coin, or other item. It has to be a collaborative effort. It requires input from both the distributor and end buyer.

The most important input deals with the buyer’s expectations. We can look at their logo and their art. We can advise on a number of concepts only after receiving input.

What are their expectations? Have they purchased this product in the past? Are there very specific brand style guidelines that must be followed? Can they be modified in any way? (Remember, our product size is smaller than many other items.) Does their art fit into a pin size they want or would wear? Do they have an example of an item that they like? What is their budget? How about their event date? Have they considered how they will distribute the item?

Without this critical information, all of us run the risk of spinning wheels, wasting valuable time, and eventually losing opportunities, orders, and ultimately revenue. All too often we are told “It is the wrong size” or “We wanted a different type of pin” or “The colors are not our colors”.

Why is there never enough time to do it right but always enough time to do it twice?

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