RIP CHIP – Client produces large cables, and they are wrapped in spools. Then the cable is shrink wrapped. Installers would use a box cutter to open the shrink wrap, and too often they would cut some of the cable. Distributor asked us how we could assist. We suggested our PVC product with a hole near the top. We tested our product by lifting a bucket with twenty pounds weight to make sure it would not tear. Our tests were successful. The end of the cable could have some exposed wire, and the wire would tie through the hole in our PVC disc. When the spool was shrink wrapped, our disc was partially exposed. The installer pulls on the disc, and the cable tears the shrink wrap.

DIRECT MAIL WITH INSERT – The Ronald McDonald House wanted something to send to their data base of names. Sort of a thank you and a request for more funds. They held a contest for the children who were there at the time to draw their vision of the House. Once it was provided to us, we created a printed card along with a holiday ornament. The cover of the card was the drawing. On the inside cover panel, we imprinted information about the House. On the inside back cover, we glued the ornament. And on the back cover we imprinted information about the young lady who drew the picture. They mailed it along with a donation response card and envelope. They surpassed their goals. The project can be done with lapel pins instead of an ornament. And as an option we can die cut the card to have the pin show through the cover.

CUSTOM DIVOT TOOL WITH COPY CHANGES FOR BALL MARKERS – A bank wanted a hand out for various golf events it sponsored as well as gifts for corporate customers and prospects. We designed our stock divot tool with the bank name and logo permanently engraved in the handle of the tool. Then we produced two sided ball markers. One side has the bank logo. The other side was a copy change for each charity event they sponsored. The golfer at the event recognizes that the bank is a good corporate citizen, partnering with their favorite charities. And as you (distributor) own the artwork, we will not sell this piece to another distributor with that bank logo on the handle, unless the bank requires us to do so. And if that happens, we protect you as our premium rep.

EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION – A large grocery store chain uses the key pin series to reward their employees for extra service given to their customers. A customer may have commented to the manager about the good service of a particular employee or they may have filled out a customer comment card. Also the store manager may have noticed the extra service to a customer himself. The first lapel pin with a blue key is presented to the employee with a printed card. The employee then proudly wears the lapel pin which often promotes conversation between customers and the employee and further encourages the employee to continue to provide an extra level of service. After the employee has received all five keys on the silver level, then he or she will receive the gold level lapel pin with one key and so on. As long as that employee continues to provide an extra measure of service he or she can proceed through the various levels.

SALES INCENTIVE TRIPS – Ideal for companies that plan trips for awards. In one case we produced throw beads with PVC medallions. They are safer to throw, as they cannot hurt someone when it hits them. We can also embed a metal bottle opener inside the medallion. Then instead of a charm loop, we can use a zipper pull finding. The person who gets the throw bead can remove the PVC medallion and use it as a zipper pull. Or we can design a custom PVC luggage tag for the same event. On the business card insert we can include a message card.

EARRING AND NAVEL DANGLER SETS – A large high end Italian producer of hair products wanted to promote their new hair color. They ordered 7000 sets of earrings and navel danglers to spotlight their new color called Color Lover. They sent the sets of earrings and navel danglers to 600 top notch salons and asked the employees at those salons to wear these items while they were working. They were asked to take pictures of themselves wearing the product. They could take pictures of themselves each day if they wanted to. The two individuals who sent in the most pictures of themselves were awarded a trip to Italy for a week.


CUSTOM CHILD DESIGNED CARDS – A water company was interested in a unique product that they could use with an informational packet that not only stressed the importance of water conservation, but also kept the recipient’s attention longer than it took to read it. The idea of a seeded postcard that could be planted and grown was an ideal solution. (It can also be a holiday card.) The artwork for the postcard became a statewide contest among middle school students and the grand prize winner’s art would be the showcased on the front of the postcard. The contest added another element to the campaign by reaching out to children throughout the state, the future stewards of our rivers, streams, lakes, and watersheds. The postcard was a standard size and shape, but we have the ability to provide custom shaped products that further enhance a company’s campaign.