Regardless of your position in the S/D/E model, please make sure that you know your supplier. In this column I will share tips for you with direct importing.

You see our website and recognize us primarily as an importer of emblematic jewelry. Would it surprise you to know that in the last ninety days we have worked successfully on large quantities of wine corkscrews, detachable plastic pill boxes, and wooden bird feeders? With our forty year relationship with many overseas companies and trading partners, we can provide “More than just lapel pins.”

There are many risks associated with unknown vendors. Just because you find them online, that does not mean they are reputable or reliable. And as you are required to prepay, good luck in resolving non shipment of goods, product quality, product safety, etc. Trust someone you know.

Our knowledge and expertise can assist in a variety of ways –

1) Communications – English is not the primary language overseas, nor are our idioms or business practices customary.
2) Customs/duties and product clearance – There are many bumps along the road.
3) Scheduling production time and balancing holidays.
4) Product safety.
5) Financial leverage.
6) Those three dreaded letters in our language – MOQ!
7) Can’t means won’t overseas.
8) And sometimes, China is not the best or only source of product.

When you work with a company such as ours, you get us on your side. We are flexible enough to advise and be creative throughout the process. Let us know how we may be of assistance.


  1. Chris

    Thanks Harvey, Good to know, as Vernon has hand picked brokers for us to use for overseas, Ill keep you in my back pocket, for special projects.


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