GEMPIRE does it on both sides!

Most of our products afford the opportunity to decorate the back or second side. Everyone should take advantage of the benefits.

Allow your company to share the marketing with one of their vendor partners. There are countless ways to utilize our products with the back side; the greatest of which is co-branding.

For example, take our custom metal key tag or zipper pull bottle opener. One side can have the local restaurant, and the other side can have a local micro-brewery.

Or how about our wildly popular custom divot tool with ball marker? The ball marker can be two sided; one for the sponsor and one for the charity. We can also put the sponsor logo on the handle of the divot tool.

Ditto for our custom ornaments, metal collar stays, coins, lapel pins, and so on.

And for the limited times maybe a second side will not be feasible, how about a custom message or romance card?

With Floral Promotions, the paper is always two sided. Use them both!

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