We have noticed a recent trend, and it is very disturbing to those of us who believe in full disclosure. And ultimately, our client may be negatively impacted.

The topic is quoting a less expensive manufacturing process in order to confuse the buyer. Here are a few different concrete examples.

Die struck enamel (underlying metal brass alloy) and die struck enamel (underlying metal iron). Both can be plated and color filled similarly. However, iron is softer and more porous. As a result, the raised metal that is plated can have multiple imperfections, although barely noticeable to the naked eye. The price difference can be more than $0.50 per pin.  Iron enamel offers benefits, and it can be used properly.  Understand it when you quote it.

Laser fired cloisonne and a printed pin. Both may look very similar. If the printed pin is made with thicker metal and has a border on the front, it can feel the same as well. The price difference can be more than $1.00 per pin.

Gold plated vs. brass plated pins. You may ask for gold plating, which carries a price surcharge, however you may be receiving brass plated, which does not require a surcharge.

I can raise other examples, but these remind all of us to work with full disclosure, offer options, and protect the client’s brand.

And do not overlook product safety.  It is critical in today’s environment.

Ask us for random samples to show the client.  Let them decide as educated buyers.

1 thought on “Pin Points – BEWARE BAIT AND SWITCH or IMITATIONS

  1. Jeffrey Neil Fox

    Hi Cousin Harvey,

    Great article. Please come see us with current brochure and distributors sample kit.

    For both you pin and seed promotional products. I appreciate YOU. .

    Jeffrey Neil Fox
    Fox Market Place
    Next Generation Print & Direct Mail
    813 391 2495
    5132 Tampa West Blvd Suite B
    Tampa FL 33634


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